Rev. Gary L. Wyatt, Sr.

Why We Exist

​We exist because our founder, Rev.​ Gary L. Wyatt, Sr., had 3 consecutive dreams in March 1994.  In each dream Rev. Wyatt was sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to men and women in the streets of the Hilltop District of Tacoma WA.

As a result of the dreams, and after reading 1 Samuel 2:35 that says, "I will build him a sure house," Rev. Wyatt, supported by his wife Mrs. Joclyen Cheryl Wyatt, moved from Baltimore to Tacoma and founded SureHouse on the Hilltop, which began on August 14, 1994.

It is our mission, aim and goal to have a ministry where God is at the center of our Minister, Music, Message and Mission.  God's revealed presence can save and redeem the lost.