In March 1994, while serving as a Minister of Music in Baltimore Maryland, Rev. Gary L. Wyatt, Sr. began to have a series of dreams.  In these multiple back to back dreams he saw himself walking in the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma and talking to people about the love of God.  After having the 3rd consecutive dream Rev. Wyatt woke and began to pray and ask the Lord why he was having the dreams about Tacoma, a place that he had vowed to never return.  The Lord told him to begin to read the book of 1st Samuel. 

As Rev. Wyatt began to read about the life of the Prophet Samuel he was arrested by the Holy Ghost when he got to 1 Samuel 2:35 that reads, "And I will raise me up a faithful priest, that shall do according to that which is in mine heart and in my mind: and I will build him a sure house; and he shall walk before mine anointed for ever."  God spoke to him and said, "You are the priest that I have raised up, I am sending you back to Tacoma to start a church, and the name of the church is SureHouse.  Rev. Wyatt said an eternal yes to the will of the Lord, moved his family and belongings back to Tacoma and founded the SureHouse Family Church on August 14, 1994. 

Over the years SureHouse has held services in multiple locations, such as, the home of Mrs. Geraldine McLean, Stanley Elementary Gymnasium, The American Legion, The First United Methodist Church and a warehouse at 4502 South Union.  In August 1995 it was prophesied by Prophetess Pam Vinnett that God was going to give SureHouse property and land that we could never imagine.  Her prophesy came true in October 2000 when Pastor Douglas Trentham, the former Superintendent of the Open Bible Church deeded Rev. Wyatt the church and property at 901 South 10th Street in Tacoma.  The property included a 540 seat sanctuary, with a children's wing, youth facility, fellowship hall and office space totaling over 21,000 square feet.  It also included 4 rental houses and a 48 stall parking lot.

In the past 22 years SureHouse has become a consistent source of Salt and Light for the Hilltop community, as well as providing a place for Deliverance, Discipleship and Deployment.   We humbly state that what makes SureHouse unique and different from all other leaders and churches in Tacoma  is our home grown leader and how he was led in dreams by the Holy Ghost to plant SureHouse in the Hilltop Community.  What also makes us unique and different is our leader, Rev. Gary L. Wyatt, Sr., who composes heavenly music while being in the presence of God that creates an atmosphere for deliverance.  In addition he delivers a word that is always given by the Spirit of God and is very timely, accurate and contains the potency of the anointing that can destroy all yokes of bondage.

Our Unique History

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